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Joiner's workshop «Ярусс» - This is a team of professional carpenters, which has at its disposal the most modern equipment and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. The direction of our work varies from furniture and interior items, to exteriors and restoration. All our projects unite the general handwriting of the workshop, which consists of attention to detail, the use of exceptionally high-quality and natural materials, design taking into account operating conditions and open communication with the customer.

Solid wood furniture

Our principle is the production of furniture and interior items from solid wood. A wide range of used types of wood, styles, materials and processing methods allow us to create exclusive furniture.

Input Groups

Often the first impression of a social organization is formed by the appearance of the input group. Therefore, we consider the design and manufacture of input groups as one of the priority areas.


Proper installation of wooden products greatly affects the appearance and durability of the structure. The tree is living material, and requires proper handling.


We have behind us a lot of projects for the creation and addition of interiors with wooden products: built-in furniture, wooden panels, arches, etc.


Garden furniture and a wooden fence organically fit into the exterior of a country house and villa, and modern methods of processing allow them to serve for a very long time.


With proper handling, wooden furniture can last for centuries. But all the same, time and the external environment negatively affect the wooden products. The restoration will correct the look and extend the life of the product.

Our works



It is enough to touch the tree to feel how it is alive, warm, durable and durable. You just need to be able to properly use this generous gift of nature. We offer individual design and a full range of carpentry of any complexity on a turn-key basis.



The tree is beautiful, warm, alive ... All these qualities find their bright reflection in furniture made of solid wood. The natural tree was valued at all times, and in our era of technological breakthrough, its value can reach its peak value.

Doors, trim pieces ...

Doors, trim pieces ...

The main task of the door is to separate space, making the room chambery and cozy. A good massive door is one hundred percent protection of the apartment and the house from ill-wishers.

Finished products

Chest of drawers in the style of George II

Chest of drawers in the style of George II

Chest of drawers in the style of George II. It is made according to all the rules of carpentry, assembled according to the technology of the 18th century. Veneered in marquetry with natural veneer larch and oak. Covered with oil varnish by hand. It is equipped with brass fittings in the style of the same era.

Шкаф в русском стиле

Closet in Russian style

The basis is taken from the museum funds Russian cupboard - buffet. The first multimarket quarter of the twentieth century. Arkhangelsk Province. Our product is a copy of this cabinet. It is made according to all the rules of carpentry from the array of Siberian larch. The unusualness of this cabinet is in larch wood, as the processing of this breed is complex and time-consuming.

Our approach



Every work we try to do as best as possible, so we do not allow ourselves to use poor-quality materials. Solid wood species, natural oils and high-quality varnishes are included in the main components list. We supplement our products with reliable fittings, glass and metal structures.

Work organization

Work organization

We are not limited by rigid frameworks, at the head always there is a desire of the customer. You can have an already worked out draft with drawings or only a vague idea, in any case we can help to realize your plan.

Directions and styles

Directions and styles

If you like products made of natural wood species, you want to use them in decorating your interior, then our offers are sure to please you. Call and we will help you determine the design of the products, material, design and other nuances. Cooperation with us is a unique design of your house.


We will try to answer frequently asked questions in order to save your and our time

Unfortunately, we can not answer this question without knowing the details of your idea. The cost of the products depends on the materials used, the finishes, the complexity of the product and the installation. Leave us an application with a description of your project, and we will guide you at a price.
We create unique items, so it can be difficult to accurately estimate the time required for work. In addition, working with wood involves processes that can not be accelerated, such as drying after applying a varnish. If you have strict time limits, it is better to let know about it at once, so that we can build the work accordingly.
Our workshop deals with exclusive furniture and interior items. It seems to us senseless to invest a lot of labor in a product if it does not last long. Therefore, we work only with solid wood species.

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